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It’s a sorority house bash with some really enthusiastic sporty young college girls today and wow do these girls know how to party and show their appreciation! Our resident strippers show up at their door dressed as policeman and one guy as a gladiator and they get to work doing their little dance and striptease while the ladies get all worked up and wet. They circle the room and give all the girls a chance to suck on their dicks and they really have the time of their life licking whipped cream off their balls and chugging down huge amounts of beer in the process.. what could be more fun!


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Get a little alcohol into some girls and they turn into complete sluts ready to flash their boobs and sometimes even more and do the most crazy things. Just like this group of babes partying hard at their friends bachelorette party, when we came over for a photo op and jokingly said show us your boobs we didnt actually expect that they would get their tits out! hahaha, i mean the strippers haven’t even arrived yet and these tarts are already too drunk and horny in anticipation of the coming nights events.. really makes you wonder just where things will end up when the hired male strippers turn up and begin to flash and swing the cocks about! we just knew this night out with the girls was going to be big time fun and these uninhibited and wild women sure didn’t let us down with their horny flashing and dick sucking antics!

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Have you ever wondered what really happens at bachelorette parties?? Well, if your girlfriend or soon to be fiance is just about to go to one or has just come from one perhaps you dont want to know and should just close this page now because todays uninhibited women when they get together in groups and start to get a little drunk can go totally mental during these girls nights out. This is real video of real women at hens nights and wild parties sucking on strippers cocks and some drunk sluts even get their pussies fucked right in front of their friends! Do their responsible friends try to stop them? hell no! They love watching and clap and cheer them on thoroughly enjoying the whole show.

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Its party time for Kendra and to celebrate her last day of single life her girlfriends have hired out a room and booked some male strippers to perform. The girls have seen some dancing bear videos and decide that if they are going to get some strippers they may as get guys who will go all the way and do the full monty, but i dont think any of them suspected that things are about to get so out of control.
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Not quite a bachelorette party, but a birthday party for one of the office girls is the cause for celebration today. With the dancing bear and his male strippers performing for the rest of the girls this small group takes off for a private office show in one of the offices. This pretty redhead has been teased for too long with so many penises dangling in her face that she simply demands a cock between her legs!
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